Making time for fitness

The less I do the worse I feel.

I appreciate working hard at the office as much as anybody. I love getting in early and pounding away until late. The problem is coming away feeling out of balance and frustrated - even angry.

The rub is that as an entrepreneur there is more to get done than there are hours in the day - and feelings of guilt or frustration creep in when I spend time NOT working. Playing golf or tennis or going for a swim sounds great unless you do it with a pit in your stomach worried about everything that isn't being checked off the to-do list.

Things we appreciate expand

A wise mentor explained the principle of appreciation to me in this way. It seems to be one of those truths I have to force myself to remember, and I'm always forgetting. Sneaking in a 45 minute workout on the treadmill can seem insignificant - but by doing it I actually prove to myself that I value my time and my health - and when I'm consistent it makes everything else FLOW. I'm choosing to live according to proven principles - and no longer feel like I'm pushing uphill - but allowing things to move downhill, to let the game come to me.

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