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Creating Brands & Engaging My Audience

What I love about creating brands is that they evoke measurable responses - and didn't exist the moment before you created them. One of the most amazing hidden secrets in business is written on your T-shirt. The swoosh on your sneakers speaks to you or the world and the message is all tied up in belief,…
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Excited about what’s next: Storm Hold

I've said for a long time that being employed and self-employed are often more similar than being self employed and being an Entrepreneur. A person who works for a bank writing mortgages, and a person doing mortgages while working for themselves are similar. Working as an accountant for a large company and working as an…
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Inspired by writers whose words become my own

To write is to risk. It is creation just as tangible a product as a painting or sculpture. I've found inspiration, solace and hope in the writings of those who risked. It occurs to me that as we read a poem or an essay that has found renown - we see only the words presented by the author.…
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