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Making time for fitness

The less I do the worse I feel. I appreciate working hard at the office as much as anybody. I love getting in early and pounding away until late. The problem is coming away feeling out of balance and frustrated - even angry. The rub is that as an entrepreneur there is more to get…
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The sweet sound of music

Few things influence me like sounds. Summer at night is warm in Utah. We live at 4,500 feet above sea level in a desert climate. Not a lot of bit bugs up here - just crickets. I love being outside in the music of the late night. Crickets are constant. The wind ruffling aspen leaves, the…
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Creating the life we’ve always imagined

A principle I hold true is that one of the key purposes of life is to be happy - to find true joy. I don't know about everybody else - but saying "no" to that rootbeer float calling my name from the fridge every night isn't getting any easier. The problem with rootbeer floats and so…
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