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  • my work

    Creating Brands & Engaging My Audience

    What I love about creating brands is that they evoke measurable responses - and didn't exist the moment before you created them. One of the most amazing hidden secrets in business is written on your T-shirt. The swoosh on your sneakers speaks to you or the world…

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  • music in my life

    The sweet sound of music

    Few things influence me like sounds. Summer at night is warm in Utah. We live at 4,500 feet above sea level in a desert climate. Not a lot of bit bugs up here - just crickets. I love being outside in the music of the late…

  • from the blog

    Excited about what’s next: Storm Hold

    I've said for a long time that being employed and self-employed are often more similar than being self employed and being an Entrepreneur. A person who works for a bank writing mortgages,…

  • sport and travel

    Making time for fitness

    The less I do the worse I feel. I appreciate working hard at the office as much as anybody. I love getting in early and pounding away until late. The problem is…

  • from the blog

    Inspired by writers whose words become my own

    To write is to risk. It is creation just as tangible a product as a painting or sculpture. I've found inspiration, solace and hope in the writings of those who risked. It…

  • life style

    Creating the life we’ve always imagined

    A principle I hold true is that one of the key purposes of life is to be happy - to find true joy. I don't know about everybody else - but saying…

My Skills

An extremely fast study, I glean from those around me and catch on quick.

Throw me in a room full of clowns and I'll come out juggling swords and fire. I love learning new things and can see the big picture, as well as grasp and retain the nuance. I also learn from my mistakes - but I'm not afraid to fail.

I attract others to the vision and instill in them the belief that we can and will accomplish our goals.

Sometimes people who buy into the vision can be disappointed when things change. Because personnel, environmental, or other factors often sway the vision or feasibility of a project - I'm learning to manage expectations for the outcome within the scope of the vision outlined up front.

My Vision

I'm far from perfect - but gotta keep trying, keep learning and getting better every day. Surround myself with the best people and build win-win relationships. Make the world a better, happier place. Laugh. Most importantly become the man (husband, father, son, brother & friend) God intended me to be.