Creating Brands & Engaging My Audience

What I love about creating brands is that they evoke measurable responses - and didn't exist the moment before you created them.

One of the most amazing hidden secrets in business is written on your T-shirt. The swoosh on your sneakers speaks to you or the world and the message is all tied up in belief, emotion, identity and how we want to be perceived. The idea that a visionary and a graphic designer got together to create that swoosh and changed the universe for individuals, teams, entire sports, and even the science of athletic performance is exciting. In this principle exists more opportunity to create massive leverage than in almost any other concept I can think of.

It doesn't matter who you speak to as long as they are listening.

There's a few billion people and they're all listening to something. An acquaintance of mine created some gear for performance fisherman called "KAST". It seemed to be an overnight success. Whether you target the ping pong, basket weaving, or any other audience if your brand speaks to them they will listen - and if they are listening you can measure it.

This convergence of brand and audience is exactly the area of focus I'm working on. If you are an Entrepreneur and you haven't already, you ought to think about it too.

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